segger/SWD adapter

Some time ago I have bought a Segger Jlink Plus programmer. It’s a fine device which I mostly use for programming STM32 microcontrollers so the SWD connection comes handy.

And since I tend to experiment with different setups I hate the fact that I constantly need to transfer the cable (that came with the programmer) to new setups and have to connect the jump wires again.

So I had an idea to create an adapter where SWD pins are already available so I can use few jumper wires to connect to SWD connector on the demo board and voila.

All set to use in different setups.


PLA in boiling water

I’m printing PLAs in 215 °C (419 °F) so I was wondering if I throw the small cube of PLA into a boiling water (100 °C or 212 °F) what will happen.

According to this small test – nothing. The cube got wet (no surprise here :)), but other than that the cube stayed the same. Not sure if it is the shape or the PLA is really not affected by boiling water since I have read on Reddit there are some issues with PLA. Not to mention that PLA is not really food safe material.

I have some silk PLA lying around though, so I will try to print a small vase (unfortunately my current printer supports printing only with height of 100mm which is rather small for a vase).

3d printer Development

3d printer

There is this store in Austria (also in Slovenia, but the item was available only in Austria) called Hofer (Aldi in some countries) and they were selling 3d printer for 200 EUR which is pretty budget oriented so I’ve bought one. It says BALCO on the printer and apparently it’s a printer from an Australian company. Have to admit it was one of the best buys lately.