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Fluorescent light and headache. Use LED… err…not so fast

Fluorescent light and headache. Use LED… err…not so fast

When talking about circadian rhythm we already discussed fluorescent lights. They are quite popular in public spaces (shopping centres, stores and also schools). But as stated in the publication – there is a dark side to the fluorescent light.

Fluorescentna cev

More technically inclined readers know that fluorescent light needs a ballast to work. To explain it simply: it’s a box with electronics that take care of voltage to power fluorescent light.

There are two main types of ballast: magnetic and electronic. The difference is a visible one: when you turn on the light – if it flashes, the magnetic ballast is used.

Such ballast is usually used in public spaces since it is cheaper and more reliable. The problem is obvious (visible) – it flashes during the power on.

But according to professor Arnold Wilkins blinking of the fluorescent light (with frequency of 100 to 200 Hz) affects people, especially young. There is an increased risk of anxiety, migraines, headaches and even dyslexia.

Although we save some energy by using fluorescent light we also create some problems.

So we will just use LED light and problem will be solved. Right?


Not really. You see – even with LED lighting the manufacturers are using switching power supplies which means there is a high frequency switching of power and we usually (and emphasis on usually) don’t see it.

But some people are affected by it and again – headaches, eye strains etc …

So what is really a solution.

The first one is obvious – test, if you can.

Otherwise – the power for LED does not really need to be switching. It is a direct current device and switching power supplies are used because they save some energy, money and are small, but the power supply can as well be created so the voltage powering the LED is changeless. According to manufacturers, such solutions are more expensive and are not long lasting.

The future will tell, which technology will prevail.

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