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Use legal LED doping to get on the top

Use legal LED doping to get on the top

Jutranje sonce skozi oblake

Interesting article appeard on  lux review. According to the writer – German alpine skiers used glasses with embedded blue LEDs and they illuminated their eyes for 15 minutes. With this procedure the concentration and wakefulness was increased.

And since every hundredth of the second counts in top sports, the coaches pay attention to every detail to improve the result. Obviously they pay attention to not only physical condition, but mental as well.

But, why is such post on the page where we talk about LED lighting?

We already discussed circadian rhythm but let’s take a look how increased alertness affects human psyche. Let’s take a look at the article with title “Circadian Time of Morning Light Administration and Therapeutic Response in Winter Depression” published in a specialised magazine JAMA Psychiary on January 2001.

Authors researched the possibility of therapeutical usage of light as a anti depressive. They used a sample of 42 patients during depression and took samples of melatonin twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) and after 10 to 14 days of 30 minutes of daily usage of strong light. The result showed success with lowering the depression due to change of seasons. The final result also showed that it is better to use additional light in the morning.

Talking about sport and circadian rhythm: German and English experts published a study with the title  The Circadian Rhythm of Core Temperature: Origin and some Implications for Exercise Performance” in Chronobiology International. In the article they used circadian rhythm to lower possibilities of injuries in sports.

To conclude: is the manipulation of circadian rhythm a (currently) allowed doping? And is the protocol of German skiers enough to improve their results and maybe even get the title because of usage of blue light LEDs embedded in the glasses. For only 15 minutes?

Since quite a lot of money is involved in top sport I’m sure there will be extensive researches on the topic.


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