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Powering LED strip – solutions that work

Powering LED strip – solutions that work

When buying a LED strip we usually don’t think about power supply. But when we want to use it we find out that 12V power supply is needed and we don’t know how to power the strip. Not to mention we need a switch to turn the strip on and off. So let’s take a look at powering LED strip.

What now?

One of the possibilities is that the switch is already a part of the power supply and we just connect LED strip wires to it. Like you can see it on the image.


Stikalo vezano na napajalnik

And since the LED strip needs direct current we need to pay attention to where plus and minus are on the power supply. That’s the reason there is a small + sign on the switch. With this solution you just put the wires in the connectors and use screws to tighten them. Try to pull the wires after you are  done, just to be sure the wires are fixed.

You can now test the strip if it is working and put the whole thing where you need it.

The second possible solution is a power jack at the end of the LED strip, like the one on the image.

power jack

In that case you use a power supply that already has a male part of the power jack. And if needed you can still insert a switch in between jack and power supply. Obviously the switch needs to have proper connectors installed. Again – pay attention to polarity (where is plus and where is a minus connection).

Stikalo, ki ga priklopiš na napajalnik

There is a caveat with this solution – a pull on either side will break the connection so you really need to pay attention to fixing the wires on both ends.

Last but not least: don’t let the power supply hanging. It should be fixed somewhere or at least on the flat surface. If you leave the power supply hanging the tensions in the cable appear and it can break the connection.

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