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Circadian rhythm, blue light and how it affects sleeping patterns

Circadian rhythm, blue light and how it affects sleeping patterns

What is this  circadian rhythm thing? What it has to do with LED light and why LED light?

The important thing with LED light is that we can change the temperature of the light and affect how much blue light is part of the light.

The circadian rhythm is based on the idea that blue part of the white light gives human body a feeling “it is a day and we have to rise and start working”. A lot of blue part of the white light is produced by electronic devices e.g. computer monitors, smart phones, tablets etc. And if we use such devices during the night and especially before sleep, the blue part of the light shines at us and gives the body information that it is a day and you need to wake up.

So the body wakes, but we wan’t to go to sleep. Unfortunately, quality of sleep is affected and we wake up (in the morning) more tired than when we went to sleep.

To mitigate this effect it is better to read something before sleeping. And by reading I mean paper version of the book, magazine etc. And preferable under the light without blue part of the spectrum – e.g. LED bulb with warm white colour.

The effect of the blue part of the light is used in hospitals so the patients have a proper rhythm of day and night with a usage of LED light.

Development of the LED light also gives us a possibility to select temperature of the light in different parts of building and if we stay in hospital environment we can see that with different temperatures of white light we can separate spaces and select the temperature of the white light in the rooms with patients in a care.

Fluorescentna cev

We can find interesting quote in the above linked article: “Fluorescent lighting may increase UV-related eye diseases by up to 12%”.

So even though fluorescent light is energy efficient it can still cause problems due to colour spectrum of the light it emits.

To be really honest – you need to pay attention to colour spectrum with LED light also.

But since we can replace fluorescent light even with LED strips I really don’t see any reason to use them.

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