Embedded devices and coding

I have worked for some time on the Fiverr platform where I offered my services on programming in the Arduino and Raspberry Pi environments, as well as creating hardware peripherials to both environments.

The problems I’ve tackled varied from custom made art projects, through using stepper motors, cameras, human recognition and custom greenhouse projects.

The reviews were great but I wasn’t satisfied with the idea behind the platform were you basically compete on price and not the quality. So I have decided to close the Fiverr account and start working on my own solutions.

I have also added some custom electronics to my portfolio (Segger SWD adapter board and an audio STM32F429 environment which is currently in finishing phase of development).

What do I offer?

Basically any embedded devices programming and hardware development for microcontroller environments. The languages I use are Python and C and the platforms Arduino, Raspberry Pi and I also work with STM32 and ESP32 microcontrollers.

You can contact me via: info@japina.eu.